FAA-PMA N300 Cessna Replacement & Upgrade Alternators New National N300 14 and 28 VOLT 70 -100 AMP Retrofit Alternators for Cessna Aircraft

N300 28 volt 100 Amp High Output Replacement AlternatorThe National N300 70 amp direct retrofit for Cessna alternators is one of the most desired Cessna electrical system upgrades available. Operators benefit from increased output at normal engine operating speeds, much lower radio noise and a marked increase in overall reliability. For Cessna operators demanding the ultimate in power handling capacity, National produces an ultra-heavy duty 12 volt 100 amp FAA-PMA small case version of the National N300. This replacement for 60 amp OEM Cessna/Ford alternators allows Cessna owners to replace their anemic, tired and much-overhauled alternators with the most powerful alternator available for their aircraft.

(12 volt 100 AMP and 24 volt 85 and 100 AMP small case versions also available.)
View typical Ford 28-volt retrofit alternator data and specs

National 70-Amp N300 Installation In Cessna C-210All Heavy Duty National alternators are approved as direct replacements for lower-powered OEM units, with no wiring or voltage regulator change required. Under all normal operating conditions, the higher current capability of the National alternator translates into increased performance margins, cooler operation and greatly extended service life, compared to the OEM 60 amp alternators. The enhanced design of the National N300 also provides much smoother operation and lower vibration. The rugged N300 has approximately the same weight as the light-duty OEM alternator and easily mounts with all of the OEM hardware.

The National N300 Cessna retrofit alternators are built to critical standards of fit, finish and performance, using premium quality components specified for aircraft use applications. Critical electrical hardware is stainless steel, and cases are of a special corrosion resistant finish. During manufacture, emphasis is given to precision-balance the rotor for ultra-smooth operation at high speeds, and extensive radio suppression measures are incorporated into the basic alternator design. These design features tend to “cure” many of the common problems associated with the Cessna electrical system, long notorious for its noise problems. The net result is an extremely quiet, long-life PREMIUM PERFORMANCE alternator with unmatched reliability.

Note for operators of early model belt-driven GENERATOR EQUIPPED Cessna aircraft

National has alternator upgrade kits for most (I)O-470-powered Cessna aircraft which are presently equipped with generators. The various National installations are presently in the process of STC, along with many other aircraft upgrade applications. Until the National STCs are completed, these kits ARE available for individuals wishing to install them via Field Approval.

Warranty for all new National AirParts alternators remains at the industry-setting standard of 2 years or 600 operating hours. For more information, contact National AirParts, Inc. at  386-734-3365 or toll free at 800-713-1111.