Small Case FAA-PMA 100-Amp System

Small Case FAA-PMA 100-Amp System –— The physical size of OEM 60 & 70-Amp alternators!

Reliable BRUTE POWER in a small package! 100 POTENT Amps — and the alternator weighs only 12 Lbs.! A favorite choice for UAV and “Special Project” aircraft, this unit is the ONLY solution for those aircraft that “just don’t have the room” for the “old style” conventional 100-amp alternators!

This alternator is an installation favorite for air-conditioned C-210’s, C-310’s, Barons and Navajos with electric air!
Alternator models are available to custom fit most engines utilizing either belt-drive or gear-drive alternators.

View specifications and data for common 28 volt “Ford replacement” alternators

All National N300 High Output Light Weight Small Case Alternators are built to critical standards of fit, finish and performance, using premium quality aircraft components. Most electrical hardware, as well as the cases, have a special corrosion resistant finish. All units are 100% Performance Tested before shipment in order to insure that each alternator will maintain the highest operating standards.

Warranty for these alternators, as with all new National AirParts alternators, remains at the industry-setting standard of 2 years or 600 operating hours. Factory rebuilds are available with serviceable National AirParts’ alternator cores.