Baron Upgrade Retrofit Alternators

Operators of early (I)(O)-470-powered Barons with underpowered and obsolete 50 Amp Delco or Prestolite belt driven alternators now have a viable QUALITY retrofit option. National AirParts FAA-PMA 70 Amp alternators are available in model variations which DIRECTLY replace the original units. No expensive mount changes — no installing of tired, unreliable “rebuilt” alternators which have been in service for 30+ years. Brand NEW manufacture National AirParts 70 amp alternators substantially upgrade the Baron’s electrical system with OEM quality, and dramatically improve both performance and reliability .

70 Amp N300 FAA-PMA Direct Delco Retrofit Alternator Installed on Baron

70 Amp N300 FAA-PMA Direct Delco Retrofit Alternator Installed on Baron

The National N300 is available in a number of different mounting foot and drive pulley combinations. The Delco Retrofit Model P324 “Option D” shown here mounts directly on the original TCM/Delco alternator mount, with original hardware, drive belt and mounting space requirements — but with an INSTANTLY available 70 Amps continuous current capability!

Also available is the 70 Amp N300 Model P324R “Option BB” to directly replace the 50 Amp OEM Prestolite alternators.

NOTE: All Baron retrofit alternators are FAA-PMA units, but are still in the process of being added to the Approved Application List. As a result, installation requires Field Approval. Sample FAA Form 337 Field Approvals are available on request.

Upgrade is SIMPLE: Remove old alternators, install new National alternators, change FIELD fuses — and you are operational with a NEW high output, high reliability electrical generating system!

All Baron Retrofit alternators are completely compatible with the OEM voltage regulators and wiring, if the original current ratings are to be maintained. The original 2 amp field fuses only need be changed, since the new alternators put out MUCH more current at low engine speeds.

To obtain the FULL 70 amp alternator capability, if required, wiring, circuit breakers and current indicating instruments should also be upgraded to match the alternator capability.

Need More Power? Complete Baron Alternator Retrofit Kits are available for 100 Amp Rating! Review this application if you REALLY NEED POWER!

Warranty for the Baron Retrofit alternators, as with all other new National AirParts aircraft alternators, remains at the industry-setting standard of 2 years or 600 operating hours.

To order, or obtain more information, call National AirParts, Inc., at (386) 734-3365
or (800) 713-1111.