Beech Bonanza Alternator Upgrade for F33 & G33 Models

It is an arguable fact that Beech F33 & G33 Models have the weakest electrical generating system of any alternator-powered Beech aircraft. The 60 amp OEM Ford alternator simply lacks the power output and reliability required for serious present-day aircraft operation. Fortunately, National AirParts produces newly manufactured models of its FAA-PMA F312R alternator, in both 70 and 100 amps, which DIRECTLY REPLACE the Ford DOFF-series alternators found in these Bonanzas. Either the 70 or the 100 amp National upgrades can easily eliminate the “low power blues” for owners of these aircraft.

National N300 Small Case 100 Amp 14 volt Alternator

Ideal For The Beech F33 & G33 Aircraft

The National F312R alternators are all fully PMA’d, and approved for a wide variety of aircraft as direct replacements for the old DOFF-series Ford alternator. These alternators are presently in the process of being added to the National N300 Application List, and installation on the F33 and G33 should be performed via simple FAA Form 337 Field Approval. Installation is simple, with original mounting hardware being utilized. There is full compatibility with the OEM voltage regulator, and the original wiring and circuit breaker may be retained if in acceptable condition. For full output capability, the wiring and output circuit breaker should match alternator capability — and those installing 100 amp alternators would benefit most by insuring that the wiring, circuit breaker and ammeter are upgraded to full 100 amp capability. The National High Output alternators represent the highest reliability and quality available in a general aviation alternator — with a proven track record in OEM, charter, flight school, Ag operations and special applications. The CHOICE of demanding operators, this alternator was installed on the AOPA Ultimate Arrow, and also was chosen to supply unfaltering electrical power for Reed Prior’s Mooney on its ‘Round The World Trip. It is a “must have” for Bonanza owners wishing to upgrade their electrical systems to rock-solid, modern performance capability!

All National alternators are extensively corrosion proofed, and are engineered to be the finest general aviation alternators available. Meticulous care is taken in their assembly, and all alternator rotors are precision balanced to ensure smooth operation and long life. Special composition PREMIUM AIRCRAFT GRADE BRUSHES provide exceptional operating longevity, with operating design altitude capability in excess of 35,000 feet. As a final step in the National AirParts Quality Control procedure, each alternator is individually function tested under full load in order to verify flawless performance.


  • Warranty for this alternator, as with all National AirParts alternators, remains at the industry-setting standard of 2 years or 600 operating hours.

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