Cessna 310 & 320 Alternator 100 Amp Upgrade Of STC

100-Amp C-310 Generator Conversion --- Neatly Tucked In!

  • 100 Amp Lightweight alternators NOW available to directly replace the 70-Amp alternators in the National AirParts generator conversion STC.



  • 100 POTENT Amps — But alternators weigh only 12 Lbs EACH!
    (Versions also available to DIRECTLY replace OEM Delco or Prestolite belt driven alternators on early CESSNA 310and 320 aircraft.)


  • Straight-forward conversion simply requires installing upgraded alternators, upgrading alternator output wiring and circuit breakers.

The 100-amp upgrade gives the added power necessary to run equipment such as electrically-driven air conditioning. This is the ULTIMATE electrical power upgrade for these aircraft — and the ONLY lightweight, small-case alternator available!

  • C-310s with 120-amp ammeters may retain original ammeter circuit. Ammeters in early C-310s should be replaced by an ammeter or loadmeter of sufficient capacity*


Easy Fit in C-310 Note Cooling Blast Tube Easy-To-Service
Easy Fit in C-310  Note Cooling Blast Tube  Easy-To-Service
105 Amp Breakers In Custom Panel Loadmeter Shunts * Loadmeter Installation
 105 Amp Breakers
In Custom Panel
 Loadmeter Shunts  Loadmeter Installation

Kits are complete with detailed installation instructions, and include copies of previously-approved FAA Field Approvals to help secure local FSDO installation approval.


  • Warranty for the 100-Amp alternators in this kit, as with all National AirParts alternators, remains at the industry-setting standard of 2 years or 600 operating hours.


To order, or obtain more information, call National AirParts, Inc., at (800) 713-1111
or (386) 734-3365