FAA-PMA 55 Baron 100 Amp Alternators System For Custom Installation

Exact Fit 100 Amp Alternators on 55 Baron Give OEM Installation NeatnessNow, for the First Time, Give Your 55 Baron . . .

  • 100 AMP ALTERNATORS – National AirParts small case FAA-PMA alternators. DIRECT RETROFIT of existing Delco or Prestolite 50 Amp belt-driven alternators (generator upgrade also available).
  • SEPARATE, TOTALLY INDEPENDENT, ALTERNATOR CONTROL – Solid state ACUs with built-in over voltage and short circuit protection FOR EACH ALTERNATOR. (Optional paralleling ACUs, if desired.)
  • #2 AWG NEW OUTPUT WIRING – All new Mil Spec wiring, with 100-amp load limiters
  • 100-AMP LOADMETERS – Original Beech analog or FAA-PMA digital meters available

100 Amp N300 FAA-PMA Direct Delco Retrofit Alternators Installed on Baron55 Baron operators have long suffered from electrical system problems such as low power output, poor reliability, alternators seldom (if EVER) “sharing” the load, and having a backup control system that is virtually worthless!

This is FINALLY CHANGED! The Baron Upgrade gives power to operate air conditioning, prop deice or other heavy-demand electrical accessories. A custom electrical connection & bus panel provides for convenient access to power connection and monitoring circuits. No more “buried” connections that are impossible to get at!

This upgrade is an absolute MUST for 55 Baron owners. It gives enough power even on only ONE alternator to comfortably operate all normal equipment necessary to complete an IFR flight! The National AirParts alternators are unmatched for HIGH POWER and SOLID RELIABILITY — with the best product support in the business!

Custom Power Panel (Varied Locations Permissible)Alternator warranty is for a full 2 years or 600 operating hours, which ever comes first.

The 100 Amp System is presently available for custom installation via Field Approval (complete STC’d Kits in Progress). For maintenance shops wishing to perform the upgrade at their own facilities, copies of previously approved FAA Form 337 Installations are available, for reference and FAA pre-approval.