Generator & Alternator Conversions

Single or Twin Engine Aircraft

STC’d Generator to Alternator Kits for:

*Cessna 310/320 in 70 Amps/24 volts
*Beech Debonair/Bonanza 70 Amps/12 volts

Kits include one or two (as required) National FAA-PMA 70 amp 12 or 24 volt alternators with basic mounting hardware, solid-state voltage regulators (ACU’s) which feature built-in overvoltage protection, electrical connectors, miscellaneous hardware and alternator field circuit breakers, depending on the kit involved, together with installation manual and copy STC.

Field Approval/337(non-STC’d) Generator Conversions available:

*Comanche 180 and 250, 70 and 100 amps
*Beech 95-Series Travel Air 70 and 100 amps

Non-STC’d conversions utilize National FAA-PMA 70 or 100 amp (as desired) alternators, for single or twin-engine aircraft, with copy of previously approved 337 field installation form for reference, together with miscellaneous hardware. For specific details, call us at 1-800-713-1111 or 386-734-3365 with your aircraft and engine make and model to determine associated hardware or equipment.

If you choose to utilize the full capacity of the 100 amp output alternator, it will require that the alternator output wiring be in accordance with AC43.13. Wiring and miscellaneous hardware can be obtained locally. A copy of a previously approved 337 field approval may be available depending on the aircraft and engine make and model. These conversions may also require special hardware, field circuit breakers or other equipment depending on aircraft and engine make and model. For specific details, contact us at 1-800-713-1111 or 386-734-3365 or email:

Warranty is 600 operating hours or 2 years, whichever comes first. Factory rebuilds are available with a serviceable National AirParts alternator core.

The National kit has seen extensive service during the years since its introduction, having been installed via STC or various field approvals. Users have reported dramatically improved performance with these high reliability, high output alternators. Typical operation normally provides in excess of 40 amps output (from either alternator) with engine(s) operating only at idle speed. “Brownouts” are eliminated. Additionally, the National system is extensively RFI shielded and filtered so that an ultra-quiet electrical operating system is obtained.

Special composition aircraft grade brushes provide exceptional operating longevity with operating design altitude capability in excess of 35,000 feet. As a final step, each alternator is function tested under full load in order to verify flawless performance.

National’s STC’d conversion kit makes use of the original OEM generator bracket for simplified installation, with the alternators configured for a custom fit to this mount. OEM wiring, if in suitable condition, may be retained “as is” to maintain the original current capability, or may be upgraded for the full 70 amp alternator capacity.

The 100 amp upgrade gives added power necessary to run equipment such as electrically-driven air conditioning. Applications contain detailed installation instructions and include copies of previously-approved FAA Field Approvals to facilitate local FSDO installation approval.

Click on this link for various installation pictures. For orders or more information, call National AirParts, Inc. at 1-800-713-1111 or 386-734-3365.