Beech 95-Series Travel Air Generator Upgrades

Field Approval 70 or 100-Amp Small Case Alternator Systems

Travel Air 70 Amp Alternator Installation

  • Alternator installation eliminates most common “brownouts”, and the associated low voltages which are damaging to radio equipment, flap and gear motors.
  • Simple installation with OEM output wiring used for MAXIMUM OEM output ratings – but with high output available even at engine idle speeds!
  • OPTIONAL Full Installation for 70 or 100-amps output allows dramatic “cleanup” of OEM generator system wiring for a NEAT, MODERN and EFFICIENT electrical system!

Installation Basics

O.E.M Generator During Replacement New Solid State ACU Replaces OEM Regulator
O.E.M Generator During Replacement New Solid State ACU Replaces OEM Regulator

Simplified wiring on 70/100-amp system provides “ultra neat” wiring installation & easy maintenance by upgrading to Beech-style load limiters and 100-amp loadmeters*.

This is the ULTIMATE electrical power upgrade for these aircraft — and with your choice of either the standard 70 amp OR the lightweight, 100-amp small-case alternator!

*NOTE: OEM 40-amp loadmeters must be replaced by an ammeter or loadmeter of sufficient capacity for 70 or 100-amp installations.
Kits are complete with new FAA-PMA alternators, FAA-PMA solid-state Alternator Control Units (w/built-in O.V. and short circuit protection), OEM Lycoming alternator mounts, 5 amp Field circuit breakers, miscellaneous electrical hardware, installation instructions, schematics, and copies of previously-approved FAA Field Approvals to help secure local FSDO installation approval.

Warranty for the 100-Amp alternators in this kit, as with all National AirParts alternators, remains at the industry-setting standard of 2 years or 600 operating hours.