Beech Debonair & Bonanza Alternator Conversion STC Now Available

A Debonair Sporting New 70 AMP PowerOwners of classic Beech Debonair and Bonanzas, long plagued by inadequate electrical power from their old generators, can now easily upgrade to a super power, modern and reliable alternator system thanks to a kit from National AirParts, Inc. The National Bonanza/Debonair STC, # SA01436AT, completely updates the outmoded electrical generating system of these aircraft by installing a newly manufactured National N300 FAA-PMA 70 amp alternator. The National conversion kit comes complete with a state-of-the-art ACU (alternator control unit) which has built-in overvoltage and short circuit protection. The National N300 can directly replace either the 35 or 50 amp original generators, and can easily be installed with upgraded wiring for FULL 70 amp output capability.

This National alternator conversion kit, Model TC-1-12, is a “must have” for Debonair and Bonanza owners wishing to upgrade their electrical systems to rock-solid, modern performance capability. The system is extremely simple to install and provides for an OEM-like installation, rather than that of a typical add-on product. (Read comments about this kit from a typical owner who just installed the system in his aircraft. NOTE: File load time app. 3 minutes)

Neat and Remarkably Simple Bonanza InstallationNational’s alternator conversion kit makes use of the original OEM generator bracket, for simplified installation, with the alternator configured for a custom fit to this mount. OEM wiring, if in suitable condition, may be retained “as is” to maintain the original current capability, or may be upgraded for the full 70 amp alternator capacity. The kit also includes basic mounting hardware, electrical connectors and an alternator field circuit breaker, as well as the FAA-PMA solid state voltage regulator (ACU) which features built-in overvoltage and short circuit protection.

This system ushers the older Bonanzas into the era of modern electrical generation by installing this brand new TRUE aircraft alternator of uncompromising performance and quality. Test and field reports of this conversion, accumulated over the past years of operation, confirm typical output current capability well in excess of 40 amps at engine idle. The system completely eliminates typical power “brown outs” so frequently experienced by owners of these aircraft during normal night time operations, or those operating with full electrical loads. Additionally, the National system is extensively RFI shielded and filtered so that an ultra-quite electrical operating system is obtained.
All National alternators are extensively corrosion proofed, and are engineered to be the finest general aviation alternators available. Meticulous care is taken in their assembly, and all alternator rotors are precision balanced to ensure smooth operation and long life. Special composition TRUE AIRCRAFT GRADE BRUSHES provide exceptional operating longevity, with operating design altitude capability in excess of 35,000 feet. As a final step in the National AirParts Quality Control procedure, each alternator is individually function tested under full load in order to verify flawless performance.

Aircraft operators wishing more information on these kits, or with special alternator engineering or development requests, are urged to contact the National AirParts Engineering & Development Department.

Beech Bonanza Alternator Conversion- TestimonialStephen Walker and the N300 alternator conversion

Report by owner Steve Walker, after installing his National AirParts Bonanza Generator Upgrades

Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2000 17:52:46 -0800

From: Stephen Walker 
To: National AirParts, Inc.

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you and your team for an absolutely first-rate alternator conversion. I recently purchased your N300-based 70A alternator conversion kit to replace the tired 50A generator in my N-35 Bonanza. My plan was to install the kit myself and have my A&P inspect and sign off on the work. Thanks to the completeness of the kit, quality of the parts and clear, detailed step-by-step instructions, I was able to do just that. Everyone who has seen the conversion has been very impressed, including a friend who has installed “the other” alternator conversion and has had to live with the jury-rigged alternator bracket.

I purchased the conversion for the reliability – my generator having failed several times in the past. So I expected reliability. The 70-amp output capability was a nice bonus, but not my primary reason for the upgrade. What really took me by surprised was the USABLE power. I have owned my Bonanza for over 20 years and I don’t think I have had both landing lights on in the last 19 years. I find I need the landing lights most when taxiing – which means at relatively low RPM – which translates into low generator output. Switching on the second landing light in a taxi configuration has always resulted in the dim yellow glow from the single taxi light turning to a myopic orange as the second landing light was switched on – coupled with a massive discharge on the ammeter.

All that has changed with the N300 alternator conversion! I completed the installation one evening and was anxious to check out my work. I pulled the airplane out of the hanger and started the engine with all gauges (especially the ammeter) reading normally. In the past, switching on the Grimes rotating beacon at idle has resulted in a slight drop on the ammeter – not this time. Next the nav lights – still no ammeter drop. Switch on the strobes – still no drop. Now I’m starting to get worried. Maybe I have hooked something up incorrectly and the ammeter is somehow “out of the circuit”. I switched on the upper landing light and was astonished with its crystal white intensity but still no sign of fatigue from the ammeter. On goes the lower landing light with similar results! Here I am, engine idling at about 1,100 RPM and lit up like a Christmas tree with all lights blazing, flashing & rotating. Obviously the alternator is working – the piercing white beams of the landing lights tell me that, but I still must have screwed something up with the installation because the ammeter has not even flickered!
I guess I better shut down and see where I went wrong. I pulled the throttle back to idle cut-off and as I reached for the mixture, I noticed that the ammeter showed a 25% discharge. Yipeeee!! Maybe I didn’t mess up after all. Throttle up to 1,100 RPM and the ammeter pops right back to ‘neutral’. Let’s use the vernier to see just exactly what RPM it takes to start a discharge. 1,050 RPM? No, still fine. 1,000 RPM?? Nope. 950 RPM??? Ammeter still hasn’t moved! 900 RPM???? still going strong. 850 RPM ????? Did I detect movement? There it is, the ammeter is now showing a slight discharge ……. at 820 RPM. Try THAT with the old 50A generator!

Needless to say, I am very pleased with the National Air Parts conversion. Jack and his team offer first rate parts coupled with first rate service – and they are friendly, too!
Steve Walker
SONASEARCH, INCNAPI alternator conversion kit, Model TC-1-12, is a "must have" for Debonair and Bonanza

This National alternator conversion kit, Model TC-1-12, is a “must have” for Debonair and Bonanza owners wishing to upgrade their electrical systems to rock-solid, modern performance capability. The system is extremely simple to install and provides for an OEM-like installation, rather than that of a typical add-on product.