Cessna 310 & 320 Alternator Conversion STC Now Available

28 Volt 70 Amp N300's Are A "Natural" National AirParts, Inc., has available an STC for installing its FAA-PMA N300 alternators on Cessna 310 & 320 aircraft originally equipped with 35 or 50 amp Delco generators. The STC’d National kit, P/N TC-2-24, installs two new-manufacture FAA-PMA N300 70 amp alternators, including solid state ACU’s, on these aircraft in order to totally modernize the twin Cessna’s charging system.

The National kit has seen extensive service during the years since its introduction, having been installed via numerous field approvals, with kit variations also tested on the Cessna 182, Beech Bonanza and Baron. Users have reported dramatically improved performance with these high reliability, high output alternators. Typical operation normally provides in excess of 40 amps output (from either alternator) with engine(s) operating only at idle speed.

Simple Installation Produces a Beautiful Custom Fit in the C-310National’s alternator conversion kit makes use of the original OEM generator bracket, for simplified installation, with the alternators configured for a custom fit to this mount. OEM wiring, if in suitable condition, may be retained “as is” to maintain the original current capability, or may be upgraded for the full 70 amp alternator capacity.

The kit also includes basic mounting hardware, electrical connectors and alternator field circuit breakers, as well as two FAA-PMA solid state voltage regulators (ACU’s) which feature built-in overvoltage protection. In addition to reliable, high-output performance, the National alternator conversion kit provides approximately 30 pounds in weight savings, i.e. useful payload increase, over the OEM system in the Cessna 310 & 320. Installation is also much easier than reinstalling the OEM generators, with the entire conversion installation typically being performed in two working-days, if no major system rewiring is required.

Warranty for the alternators in this kit, as with all National AirParts alternators, remains at the industry-setting standard of 2 years or 600 operating hours. To order, or obtain more information, call National AirParts, Inc., at (800) 713-1111 or (386) 734-3365